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Transformation and Change Delivery

Two Shores' supports organisations to modernise and optimise business operational change.

This service provides technology led delivery to govern, secure, communicate and deliver desired business outcomes on time.

With Two Shores' expertise and your transformational vision we can deliver right first time, every time.

Two Shores' results are demonstrated by customer examples and visible from the first day we walk through your doors.

Simplified Strategic Delivery

Two Shores' services are focused on simplifying complexity and managing your risk to create sustainable solutions. We support you to optimise cost and drive delivery of strategic business change with full visibility and decison support strategies.

Two Shores' specialism is to assure business strategy and to provide operational continuity, through firm and consistant technical delivery alignment.

Our tenacity has delivered on strategic outcomes for many clients and provides us with a unique insight and perspective (a firm pair of hands!) to assure your success.

Extensive Experience

Two Shores' experience includes complex IT, Data and Systems platforms change for mobile, fixed line, broadband and satellite communications operators, including copper, fibre, cell and satellite based networks.

Two Shores has delivered transformational change across diverse clients such as:

  • Inmarsat

  • Virgin Media

  • Royal Mail

  • The Post Office

  • British Telecom

Service transitions and transformational technical change with clients' Information Systems and Data, including centralised Middleware, Enterprise Bus, Data Lake, point to point integrations and real-time mirrored provisioning.

We have extensive experience with new IT platform builds, network novations and high complexity Systems Application and Data Migrations, including comprehensive data cleanse and testing.

Whether it's a straightforward change, a comprehensive supplier exit or an organisational transformation across People, Process and Technology, Two Shores' specialised professionals and industry experts have enabled some of the most advanced technology solutions in the world. This includes oversight of new and advanced business models,  charging paradigms for real-time integration and mirroring solutions.

Many technology and business firsts are part of our client history, as are day to day strategy implementation and management. Supported by Two Shores' pedigree with open governance and reporting our clients are always kept informed and confident of success.


Two Shores Transitions

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An Impressive Portfolio of Clients

Two Shores' Capability - Our Client's Success



Two Shores' leadership delivered a strategic time bound E2E Transformation migration to support a reliable shortened 'order to service' process. Inmarsat aso required a business critical new service to be introduced for the Mobile Satellite operator, Inmarsat.

Two Shores picked up this late running project. We devised an agile delivery to support a full data migration with full data cleanse to a new IT Service Delivery platform (itself built via agile in parallel).

The project was a complete success and enabled Inmarsat to launch a new mission critical product on time with streamlined service provision to partners and customers.


Virgin Media

Two Shores provided enterprise wide Digital Systems and Data Integration for the 21st Century Voice programme to seamlessly upgrade all existing Virgin Media customer and operational data systems to support a single national VoIP solution.


British Telecom

Two Shores delivered the Release 2 IT stack for BT's largest strategic programme for a leading UK mobile operator. This required delivery of the OSS and BSS platform to provide Lead to Cash (CRM, Billing, Web Portal...) and Trouble to Resolve services. Two Shores conceived and implemented all new processes and governance to support successful SDLC delivery to the customer, management of external suppliers and assurance of the successful quality delivery, to time, of three Platform Software Releases.


Royal Mail

Two Shores provided transition and deployment management services to Royal Mail Group including ITIL based SIAM Service transition from incumbent outsource supplier CSC to BT. We also planned the associated technical Mobile Device Management rollout.


Post Office

Two Shores recovered the late running Post Office Home Phone transformation migration programme and introduced a  new strategy to deliver all required outcomes for the end to end solution that included Call Centre, IT Services, HR, Portal, CRM, Billing, Product Catalogue, MI reporting, network services and full Network OM Novation from the existing tier 1 supplier to a new managed service supplier.

Success was achieved due to new joint governance, new working approach, improved process, strong focus on dependencies and stakeholder management with positive collaborative engagement to deliver a tri-partite win-win-win outcome.